Reviewing the Treo 600

by Chris DiBona

Check out my review of the Treo 600, on Newsforge., I'd be interesting in what thoughts O'Reilly readers might have about this device.

Since I wrote the article, I have only become more enamoured with the device. There are so many very high quality apps available for the device. Anyhow...thoughts?

Check out my review of the Treo 600, on Newsforge.


2003-11-30 16:17:10
Rev B
I think i am going to wait till rev B. For 2 reasons:

a) bluetooth, as you mentioned.i know i could use USB but
Bluetooth -> OS X -> iSync -> Address Book -> iCal syncing with 1 button and NO wires has just spoiled me.

b) i don't want a camera. certain places are starting to confiscate your phone if it has a camera. the camera attached is a peice of junk anyway. i own a much better digital camera.

rumor has it that verizon or sprint has asked handspring to make a camera-less version for the reason above.

i hope the add bluetooth to that new rev..

2003-11-30 16:18:12
Rev B
i forgot to mention that there is already a bluetooth slot on this phone. they just did not include a bluetooth chip.
2003-11-30 17:14:52
Rev B
Actually it's a Secure Digital slot that is I/O capable (SDIO). The SD slot isn't limited to BlueTooth. Memory, radios, gps devices and soon WiFi will all work, so you're not just limited to BlueTooth. If using bluetooth to sync has spoiled you. Try syncing with your computer at home via Sprint's Vision and the Internet with your Treo anywhere you get coverage. I have a Treo 600 and love it. A couple nags, the old phone program on the Treo 300 was better. The screen resolution should have been upped to 320x320 like every other OS5 device out there. Other than that... good on ya' Treo.
2003-12-01 17:40:37
Blazer is pretty amazing
I finally gave up on SE P800/P900 and got a Treo 600. The browser is great.

I do need BT (iSync), BT Headset, and car adaptor ( ETA 2004). The screen could have a bit more resolution and the camera could have a lot more.
Java, FlashPlayer, and new Acrobat Reader would also be nice.

But this seems like the best of the alternatives currenly available so I would buy it again if I had to do it over.

2003-12-22 12:49:15
A dissenting opinion
After spending a few days with my new Treo, I'm disappointed -- as a PDA, it feels like a step down from my Palm Vx, and while the phone features are nice, I think a design like the Samsung i500, with an actual phone keypad, might make more sense. If you're used to a thumbad, maybe you won't have this particular problem with the Treo.

In any case, you can find a longer version of these comments online at:

-- Lars