Reviews of G.Mate YOPY YP-3700

by Todd Ogasawara

The Samsung Yopy Linux-based PDA has been reviewed by a couple of sites. Here's some info links:

Samsung main Yopy site

bargainPDA Yopy Review

PDA Buyer's Guide Review

Hmm... US$400+ (closer to $500) for a Linux PDA? Palm OS and Pocket PC boxes are available for well under $250. Would you buy a Yopy just to use Linux (vs. putting a port on, say, a HP iPAQ)?


2003-10-21 01:56:28
A developers PDA
The Yopy is quite attractive - if your a Linux developer. I can't see anybody else whom this might appeal too. The price is unrealistic for what it delivers, no wireless or SD card. It has the impression of being from the 1980's somehow. If you could fully program the thing in Java, I would sit up a bit more.
2003-10-22 06:51:43
Zaurus SL5500: US $300

It's Linux, it's got a slick graphical interface for all apps, and a little built-in qwerty keyboard. I love it. The documentation is pretty skimpy, but I've figured out what I need to. I love how, in addition to the GUI interface for synching Outlook with it, you can just FTP to it when it's sitting in the cradle. Also, the apps all store the information in XML, which is nice.