Revised Short Cut Details ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel RTW Changes

by John Osborn

The O'Reilly ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel Control Short Cut (previously known as the Atlas UpdatePanel Control Short Cut) has been completely updated by its two authors, Matt Gibbs and Bertrand Le Roy of Microsoft. The content of this popular tutorial now reflects the changes made to UpdatePanel and its attributes for the Version 1.0 web release of ASP.NET AJAX.

UpdatePanel is arguably one of two controls most central to ASP.NET AJAX (the other being ScriptManager). Among the topics added to the Short Cut is a new section on the client-side representation of ScriptManager and UpdatePanel, a discussion of PageRequestManager, how to write controls that you'll use in an UpdatePanel and how to use ProgressIndicator. Best of all, the code for the three examples presented in the document has also been revised and can be downloaded by anyone at no charge.

ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel Control is a free download for those who have purchased a previous version. For those who have yet to buy their own copy, now's the time to get with the program. The cost is $9.99.