Rewriting podgrabber, part 1

by Jeremy Jones

It is sometimes humbling to look back on code you've written. It is particularly humbling when you see a piece of your own code and wonder, "What was I thinking?" I've been going through this sort of programmer-introspection induced humiliation lately with my podgrabber project.

podgrabber began its life as a really simple Python script which would go through a set of RSS feeds, figure out what to download, then pull them in. I then decided to make it a little more interactive and allow the user to specify which of the undownloaded podcasts to download. A little coding, a little hacking and it was so. Somewhere along the way, I created a simple sync script to get the podcasts synced up on my MP3 player. (The MP3 player I had was a Sandisk Sansa e130 which showed up as a USB drive under Linux.) The final addition to podgrabber was a GUI (built in pyGTK) which would consolidate all of these features.

The GUI podgrabber has been pretty functional. I can add, remove, or update podcast feeds. I get a list of new podcasts and can select to either download all of them or just some of them. And I can go through a list of podcasts which are currently on my hard drive, delete them, and the next time I run ``sync``, the old ones will be removed from my MP3 player and the new ones will be added.