RFID: Augmented Reality

by Bill Glover

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Using a portable projector combined with an RFID reader, researchers at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs have invented a way to project labels directly onto objects identified by RFID tags.
This is more than a new user interface, it also includes a completely new idea for tag singulation.
To find an object, a user aims a radio frequency reader in the general direction of a collection of tagged objects. Each tag that is in range is activated by the radio frequency signal, prompting its photosensor to take a reading of the existing light. Once this is done, the projector embedded in the reader turns on, and each tag that detects an increase in illumination sends a response indicating that it is in the projector beam and is ready for interaction.
Imagine using a single device to interact with mobile robots on a large construction project, directing them like a conductor directs a symphony. Then again, this is just what I need for an all-in-one remote control for my Evil Villain's Lair.

What uses can you think of for this technology?


2005-01-02 05:57:28
Big Brother is watching you
Governments and law enforcement agencies around the world are licking their fingers in anticipation of reliable and affordable long range RFID technology.
I've heard of at least one very serious proposal already to pass a law that would have every citizen implanted with an RFID chip which can be read from several meters away.
Imagine the scenario of the police having found out there's a meeting of a group of people who don't like the government and want to start an opposing political party. They know the general area (say to within a few miles) and decide to break it up. They also know one of the people involved.
All they have to do is drive in unmarked vehicles through the area and scan every building. They can ID everyone in association with the known member of the group remotely and move in for the kill.