RIP Computer Literacy Bookstores

by Steve Anglin

Rest in peace Computer Literacy Bookstores. As of Dec 1, Computer Literacy Bookstores closed the last of its two retail brick and mortar locations in Sunnyvale, CA and San Jose, CA. When Barnes & Noble bought and its Computer Literacy Bookstore holdings, you knew things would change. And they did. I just didn't expect this.

Speculation was that B&N would change Computer Literacy Bookstores to B&N Tech or even Fatbrain. Unfornately, given the current economic environment in Silicon Valley, B&N realized that costs had to be cut. So, there it is. Computer Literacy was cut. Perhaps, when things pick-up, we will see B&N Tech or something like it.

For those who are looking for techical bookstores that they can actually visit by foot, stay tuned... I hope to find some myself.

If you know of a great tech bookstore to visit, please share with us. Thanks.


2001-12-17 17:00:49
CL always had a place in my heart
They've been part of the local Silicon Valley tech scene so long that it's hard to imagine what it'll be like without them.

Ever since moving out of Silicon Valley and up into San Francisco, I've been spending a lot of time at Stacey's on Market Street. There's another one in Cupertino on Stevens Creek Blvd as well. It's not a Computer Literacy, but it has a pretty good selection of tech books.

Another bookstore drop in occasionally when I'm down in the Valley is Digital Guru on Lawrence Expy in Sunnyvale.

2002-05-16 17:04:44
Computer Bookstores in San Jose
Do you know of any good computer bookstores in the San Jose/Palo Alto area?
2002-10-04 22:10:20
I knew B and N took over the website but I didn't know they closed down the stores as well. I still have a bunch of those old mini-catalogs that they would send out every quarter or so profiling new tech books in the mid 90s. Very imformative - and that made me buy more! Where else can I get hardcover editions of books that everyone else carries as paperback only? And they had great EE books and not just programming.

There is a technical bookstore in San Diego that is 80% of CL. Powell's Technical in Portland is maybe 90% of CL.

2003-01-15 18:44:35
Back to Stanford
Stanford bookstore also has a good selection of EE books other than textbooks, but it's a long drive with uncertain hours. I'm really gonna miss the SJ CL store.
2003-03-05 18:54:42
FatBrain is just not the same...
A few years back I heard Don Knuth ( speak at a Computer Literacy Bookstore. You just can't get the same quality experience at a web site...
2005-02-15 12:19:45
Printers, Inc Bookstore
I seem to remember a bookstore called Printers, Inc, where I could find good tech books. A web search brought this up:

Printers Inc. Bookstore
310 S. California Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
Phone: 650-327-6500
Email: Printers Inc. Bookstore, has been in the same location for over 20 Years. Now under new ownership, they are focusing on bringing service and a community back to the bookstore. See additional location below.

Printers Inc. Bookstore
301 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA
Phone: 650-961-8500
Email: Printers Inc. Bookstore, This Mountain View store has been in operation 15 Years.

2005-04-08 16:46:59
Computer Bookstores in San Jose
I'd like to find books for prepare for "interview for DBA tips". Are any bookstore may carry it?