by Steve Anglin

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It's official: RIP, as the Barnes & division of B&N redirects visitors to the new (?) Barnes & Professional, Technical and Business Bookstore. One of my other favorites was Last year though, Egghead was apparently aquired by

In a way, I always thought that a merger between and would've provided a combined branding and revenue stream for an interesting and potentially strong partnership. Such a partnership could've offered just about all the technical software and content a software geek could want, sort of like an Amazon for geeks.

Oh well, I guess we'll never really know, now. Again, RIP

Do you think B&N will continue where Fatbrain left off, when it was acquired by B&N? Please share your thoughts.


2002-12-11 07:09:56
demise of fatbrain
What the bloody hell?! I just learned of this great site where people may publish their work for free....and of course, it no longer exists!
This must mean there is a void for this service.
And you know that B&N aint gonna be providing the service! Gads. THIS SUCKS