R.I.P. WebGain; WebGain Studio?

by Steve Anglin

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R.I.P. WebGain. But what happened to WebGain Studio, formerly Visual Cafe? This Java IDE needs a new home. Where will it go?

Given that Borland has JBuilder; IBM has Visual Age; Sun has Sun ONE Studio (formerly Forte for Java); BEA has (and is banking on WebLogic Workshop/Cajun); Oracle has JDeveloper; and HP dosen't care (will use and partner with BEA), what's left of WebGain should look at the following possible buyers:

1. If not acquired, Sybase could use a Java IDE to go with its database products.

2. If not acquired, Novell could use a Java IDE to go with its e-directory and other Web services tools as well as its overall commitment to be a J2EE and Web services vendor.

3. IONA may also make sense.

There may be others, but my hunch is that Novell or Sybase are the top candidates for the WebGain Studio Java IDE. Otherwise, look for it to be purchased or licensed by Apache or some other open source Java community.

What do you think will happen to WebGain Studio? Do you think it should be open sourced?


2002-10-11 11:36:26
Simply Amazing
It is amazing to me that what was once the #1 dev tool for Java is now just detritus of the webgain implosion. Webgain had a gem and threw it away.