RiverLayout: An even simpler layout manager for Swing

by James Elliott

Related link: http://www.datadosen.se/riverlayout/

I continue to be surprised how often I get mail from Swing developers who've just discovered RelativeLayout and are now using it in one project or another. This past week I heard from two new people, one of whom turned things around by introducing me to his own layout manager project. It looks quite promising!

David Ekholm's RiverLayout leverages HTML intuitions to allow you to control the position of user interface elements within a container. You don't need to learn about and understand constraints. You don't need to construct a bunch of objects to represent them, or write an XML configuration file. You just add elements to the container in a concise and readable way. It looks noticeably quicker to get started with than RelativeLayout, and eminently suitable for the kinds of dialog and window layout that make up the bulk of tedious application coding.

Rather than describe it any further, I'd encourage you to check out its own site--the URL is at the top of this blog entry.

What other nifty layout managers do I need to know about?


2005-08-17 15:44:51
A tutorial about RiverLayout

I also discovered RiverLayout some time ago and decided to write a little tutorial on it.

It's not really needed, because it so simple, but it may help some people understand it better.

It can be found at http://www.stuifzand.com/peter/java-gui1.html.