rlcompleter2 is pretty handy

by Uche Ogbuji

Related link: http://lists.fourthought.com/pipermail/4suite/2003-January/004929.html

From the the rlcompleter2 home page:

One of the best features of python is that you can use and learn it interactively. rlcompleter2 enhances this interactive experience. It is a major improvement over the rlcompleter module in the 2.2 standard lib. I recommend that you simply install it and see if you like it. User interface is simple: hit one or more times during typing your python statements. If you sometimes use python interactively you will certainly enjoy it. If you don't work interactively then you should :-)

I agree, and in my message to the 4Suite mailing list I demo how rlcompleter2 can be useful for navigating a complex API in interactive Python.