Road Blog

by Michael Morris

On Sunday I begin the California AIDSRide9, that amazing 575 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, to raise money to fight AIDS and to also build awareness that AIDS is still with us and is still very deadly. My challenges are - not necessarily in this order - to sit comfortably, to let my wife know how I'm doing, to keep an eye on the Open Source Convention (I'm the marketing manager for that gig), and uh, to manage that fantasy baseball team. But how to do it all, and do it easily?

One thought is that with my new Gateway 450XL laptop (they will truck our gear for us each day - you really think I'm gonna pack that thing on my back?), with built in wireless along for the ride, I thought I'd check out the wifi network/access points down the coast and through the central valley on the way to LA. I asked around for a bit of advice, but all the wifi experts I know were too busy to help the geek challenged, so I'm on my own.

I found this site listing street addresses of businesses with wireless connectivity, but I'm open to suggestions. If yer reading this and have any tips, send email to M2

Hopefully, Iíll be able to at least post a few blogs about the ride and what I find.