Roadcasting: Collaborative mobile radio

by Todd Ogasawara

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If podcasting has become so five minutes ago for you, you might want to wander over to to learn about what they describe as collaborative mobile radio.
This intersection of anonymous social audio networking and wireless technology is shooting for a 2010 release date according to their web site information.
Their description of the project is:

It is a system, currently in prototype state, that allows anyone to have their own radio station, broadcasted among wirelessly capable devices, some in cars, in an ad-hoc wireless network. The system can become aware of individual preferences and is able to choose songs and podcasts that people want to hear, on their own devices and car stereos and in devices and car stereos around them.

Sounds interesting.
But, what I really want is a wireless car-to-car communication system that warns me of too-slow or too-aggressive drivers during my morning commute :-)

What's next for automobile-based social wireless networking? :-)