[RobBlackwell:LSharp .NET] Version 1.3 In Progress Update Now Checked In To SVN Repository

by M. David Peterson

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Version 1.3 5 August 2006

Some features now require CLR 2
Added (spawn expression) to allow experimental multi threaded evaluation.
Added (handle-event target eventName handler) to allow .NET event handlers to be written in LSharp (and thus allow Windows Forms apps to be written in LSharp!).
Added defevent
Added symbol-name
Added gensym
Added member
Inspector shows non public fields
Bug fix - load fails when last line in file is a comment
The Console Main is no longer marked [STAThread]. This allows Windows Forms apps to be developed, run on a secondary thread using (spawn '(run application f)) and be dynamically and incremntally refined using the toploop on the first thread.
Cons now implements ICollection
Bug Fix - constructors can now pass null as an argument
&optional and &key parameters
Bug fix - map on empty list
Added Web Application development features and examples
Fixed bug in when return value
Fixed append bug

What is LSharp? Rob Blackwell, LSharp .NET project developer** explains,

L Sharp .NET is a powerful Lisp-like scripting language for .NET. It uses a Lisp dialect similar to Arc but tightly integrates with the .NET Framework which provides a rich set of libraries.

L Sharp is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. You can download the latest release from Sourceforge. You may also want to read Rob Blackwell's Web Log.

Can't wait to play with the latest updates, and most definitely am looking forward to the next official release.

Thanks Rob!

** As per the notes on the Introduction page of the language tutorial,