Robotics, Roller Coasters and Mac

by Derrick Story

I was sifting through my mail the other day and discovered a fascinating event. The RoboNexus conference will be underway at the Santa Clara Convention Center the weekend before our own Mac OS X Conference opens its doors. Hmmm.

I checked out the robotics site, and you can get an Expo pass for Saturday for only $15 if you register online before Oct. 18th. I'm thinking that this could shape up to be a wild trip for those attending the Mac show.

Blow into town on Saturday, check out the Robotics Conference, take Sunday off to ride a few roller coasters at Paramount's Great America (right next door), then attend your favorite tutorial at Mac OS X Con on Monday. The real fireworks begin on Tuesday with the feature presentations on Tiger and sessions galore.

Robotics, roller coasters, and Macintosh O'Reilly style -- the end of October could be really, really good...