Rolling with Ruby on *Instant* Rails

by Curt Hibbs

One thing that has really surprised me has been the consistently high readership of my Rolling with Ruby on Rails tutorials that were published at over a year ago. Every week the O'Reilly Network Newsletter has a list of the top five articles for the past week, and Rolling with Ruby on Rails has been in the top five list every single week since it was published. Of course, this is really a testament to the strength and popularity of Rails, and not my skills as a writer. I was just fortunate enough to have good timing.

As Steve Mallett wrote a few days ago, Bill Walton has taken this tutorial and updated it for Instant Rails. This is very cool! Thanks, Bill for taking the time to do this.


Joshua Prowse
2006-03-29 17:57:11
I was just exposed to rails for this first time a few minutes ago with Bill Walton's version of your tutorial - it was fantastic. Thanks.
2006-05-07 18:20:35
I've just completed your Rolling with Ruby on Rails Parts 1 & 2 tutorials. Very well written and informative. Thankyou
2006-05-21 22:00:36
Hi Curt,

I want to thank you for writing such a simple and effective tutorial. A lot of the Web 2.0 dev techniques and tools are a fundamental change in the ways things are traditionally done and therefore, it is important to start with a clear understanding. That has been possible with Ruby/Rails for me thanks to your brialliant tutorial.

Curt Hibbs
2006-05-21 23:13:08
Thanks for the kind words!