RooDolF: Google in RDF

by Uche Ogbuji

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" RooDolF allows you to query the Google search engine via the Google Api and have your results returned in standard RDF format." Also see RooDolF 2, with a few new features.


2002-12-18 16:23:45
if this works you win blogger of the year
if this works you win blogger of the year

- steve

2002-12-18 18:17:06
This is the second
This was done some weeks ago by (aka Julian Bond aka the tech brains behind collaborative biz site except that he'd only applied it to the news (since websearches change so infrequently, why bother with RSS?) -- we use voidstar routinely to feed topical news into our intranet
2002-12-18 20:15:58
This is the second
Actually, RooDolF came out back in August at the latest. I just didn't discuver it until now. But thanks for the link to VoidStar

I can't find the Google News/RSS project though. Do you have a more precise link?

Also, RDF and RSS are quite different and an RDF representation of search result is a very different thing than an RSS feed from Google news. Of course, both are very cool applications.