Rotten to the Gore?

by Jason Deraleau

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Despite the demand for a recount, former Vice President Al Gore has joined Apple's Board of Directors. This move honestly surprised me. I fear that Mr. Gore feels that Mr. Bush has already clinched a re-election through his war efforts. Of course we could see Mr. Gore return to politics for the following election, at which time he will certainly have my vote. I am reminded of the Steve Jobs for President campaign. Maybe Al's political experience will rub off on Steve and they'll end up as running mates some election. I'm not holding my breath ;)

In other news, today we saw the announcement of some changes to this year's WWDC. Looks like Apple has rescheduled it to June and is planning to reveal Panther, the next major release of Mac OS X. If history repeats itself with this iteration, Panther should present some major feature and technology upgrades as compared to its predecessor. Mac OS X 10.1 was a drastic departure from 10.0. The Jaguar release brought major improvements in speed as well as several great new features (e.g. Rendezvous, iChat, etc.).

Hopefully Panther will bring as many great advances. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for multi-protocol, webcam, and voice support in iChat. I imagine we'll see Safari replace Internet Explorer as the shipping browser as well. I'm hoping for as many drastic speed and stability improvements as well.

Thoughts on Mr. Gore? Any new features you'd like to see with Panther?


2003-03-21 18:54:08
he already said he ws not
going to run in 2004.

but a Al / Steve 2008 run is not out of the questio ;)

2003-03-22 16:47:38
What a goofy post. Yeah, he already announced that he's not going to run in 2004 -- months ago. And he's already on the Google board, I believe.

Stupid post.

2003-03-22 17:03:53
Jason, has anyone ever told you that you look remarkably like Balowski from "The Young Ones"?

2003-03-22 17:52:55
No, but I regularly get Tobey Maguire heh.
2003-03-24 13:38:37
Running for President
He won't run for President anytime soon. He's too busy inventing Internet2.
2003-03-24 14:29:41
Gore already pulled out
That is why there are like 20 Democrats in the race now. Prior to him saying he wouldn't run again, there wasn't anyone in the party that said they would run.

Maybe you could have added something to this weblog, like how you feel Gore will impact Apple. Gore is a politician and knows 0% about running a business, so I can't see how he would help on the board of directors. Maybe he adds some political contacts, but how does this move HELP Apple? It is a baffling move IMO. One I think Apple should not have made.