rPath + rBuilder + Amazon EC2 == Hello, World!

by M. David Peterson

Update: via http://www.rpath.com/rbuilder/tryItNow?id=1,

This appliance can be run in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), compliments of rPath. Click on the button below to launch the appliance. Once the boot process is complete, additional instructions will appear and you can complete the installation. Then, use the MediaWiki appliance in the cloud!

Just tried it and it seems you get about 15 minutes worth of play time via the rPath Appliance Agent interface which allows you to change the password, create an admin+password for the MediaWiki instance, add an email address (part of the MediaWiki setup process, though it seems any old email (read: fake**) will do) and then access the MediaWiki instance itself.

Nice touch, rPath!

** NOTE: Don't use any periods in the admin name OR the email address you provide. Using m.david and m.david@fill_in_the_blank threw errors for both, which is why I decided to had little choice but to use a fake email address, as 95% of my email addresses have periods in the handle segment.)

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rPath - rPath Teams with Amazon Web Services

It will work like this: software developers use rBuilder to build an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that is stored using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Then, with a single click, rBuilder and rBuilder Online users can boot their software appliances on Amazon EC2. No more waiting for downloads or fighting with complex installation procedures. Software appliances plus Amazon EC2 deliver software value without the hassles - on-demand. To learn more visit: www.rpath.com/amazon.

So firstly, this *ROCKS*!