rPath/rBuilder Virtual Appliance Builder :: Now With Direct Microsoft VHD Support?

by M. David Peterson

So I've been focused on a separate, yet (somewhat) related to "the nuXleus project" project over the last week, which has meant I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like on the nuXleus project itself. Today is going to be at least partially spent prepping the next preview release of "nux" (my ultra-top-secret-(yet-no-so-much-a-secret-anymore) nickname for the project (though I shouldn't really take the "nux" aspect of it too far, as once the Linux-based 1.0 release is complete, I plan both a BSD as well as a Windows CE-based version as well (Oh, wait, you didn't know Windows CE was now open source? Huh... Where have you been??? You wanna' try and keep up, there, Snappy???!!! Thanks! ;)

Anyway! >> Here's the deal. I went into the rBuilder section of the site just a few moments ago to build out a new test release, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two more virtual appliance hard disk formats to start my new year. (<< Don't blame me... 'Twas born this way... 'Tis not my fault!!! ;)

rBuilder Online - Create New Build

Build Types
Installable CD/DVD

Raw Hard Disk Image

VMware� Virtual Appliance

Raw Filesystem Image

Compressed Tar File

Demo CD/DVD (Live CD/DVD)

Microsoft� VHD Virtual Appliance

Virtual Iron Virtual Appliance

Oh, happy day! So I guess I can now rewrite the project description which currently reads,


2007-01-16 12:24:00
Thanks. I will buy rBuilder.
Reuven Cohen
2007-01-26 17:09:12
Rpath would rock if they didn't force you to use Rpath Linux.