RRobots challenge, the first RubyQuiz with a prize!

by Gregory Brown

James Edward Gray II and Simon Kroeger are offering an excited challenge to the Ruby community this week.

After a long discussion on Ruby Talk about the lack of a robot combat simulation in the spirit of RoboCode, Simon Kroeger produced exactly that, in the form of RRobots. While plenty of people have been having fun trading bots on Ruby Talk, there was no definitive tournament to show off your robot's prowess.

That's where James came in. This week's Ruby Quiz gives RRobots bot developers a chance to be known as a true champion of Ruby Robot prowess. James and Simon are even willing to provide the winner with a mini robot of their own, in the form of a R/C Desktop Mini Rover from thinkgeek.com

Like every Ruby Quiz, this gives the community a great opportunity to hone their skills and participate in a challenging problem together. However, the deal is always a little sweeter when glittering prizes lie on the other side of the rainbow.

From RubyQuiz.com, here are the basic rules:
RRobots, Inc. will run a championship competition on 12-27-2005 (wasting even more hardware) matching each participant against all others, three times. (Your bot must be posted to Ruby Talk on or before 6 PM (GMT) the 27th, to compete. A resubmission of the same bot class replaces the original submission, but contestants are allowed to submit multiple distinct bots.) The winner of the competition will be the bot with the most overall wins.

For more information, check out the full problem description.

If you've never participated in a Ruby Quiz before, there is no time like the present to begin!
Besides, what's cooler than writing code that'll steer little robots around to fight to the death?!?