RSS is great ... so what's next?

by John Sequeira

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RSS is great... so what's next?

RSS demonstrates the power of a widely adopted standard for sharing semantic data. Is there a standard lurking in the wings with the potential to spread as rapidly?

Bliki-blogger Shimon Rura votes for a calendaring standard:

I was reading a post by Cesar Brea who notes the coolness of the Event Share Framework (ESF) for RSS.
ESF allows blog/news feeds to include data about events—start time,
duration, location, and so forth—and can be easily integrated with
calendaring applications. For example, you could subscribe to a
calendar feed of events in your workplace and have them automatically
show up on your Outlook calendar.

I would love to use something like this to get notified of local tour dates of bands I'd like, without having to list all the bands on some dumb web site. Software should figure this list out from my MP3's or my social network -- I don't care which. As cool as applications like that or Shimon's are, we've had calendaring standards for years, and they haven't gone anywhere. I'm not willing to place a bet on the likelihood of social networking kickstarting broad adoption, but I can hope.

Any bets on the next big thing in broadly adopted XML formats? Is social networking going to be good for anything besides dating?


2004-03-26 11:15:56
Try iCal/RDF. Or any RDF ;-)