RSS News Readers... PUSH done right.

by Dion Almaer

I have gotten hooked on RSS news. There are so many great aggregators of content out there, interesting web logs, and other content... and it all comes to my news reader. This is PUSH done right.

I implemented RSS feeds for my site, TheServerSide.Com.
As I did this, I got to playing with various RSS news feeders, and my current favourite is FeedReader.

I have liked web logs, but it is hard work going through the various blog sites, trying to get at the gems amoung the masses of content. It is like the web.... so much out there, but only a small amount that I care about.

Since most of the weblog sites syndicate their content with RSS, I am not able to plugin the RSS urls into FeedReader and let it grab info from the weblogs, news sites, and any other place of interest. When something interesting comes in, it appears in my system tray and I can read it right then if I want to.

This is revolutionizing the way I view the web, and I recommend other people try it on for size. With a bit more time, the viewers will get better, there will be more content, and we will be able to supply "rules" for what we want sent to us.

Cool stuff.