RSS Reading via Email

by Dion Almaer

I have tried more RSS readers, than you have had hot dinners. I have finally settled to have something that integrates with my email. Each blog has a folder and posts are filtered into the correct folder.

Bob Lee wrote fetchrss to help with this endeavour, and recently released it via the new portal (

I have been using News Gator which plugs into Outlook (I know, I know).

Are there any other tools that people are really getting into wrt RSS?


2003-06-19 09:24:43
RSS via Email
I too prefer to read my RSS feeds via email. I wrote a Python script that does all of the fetches, checks for new items by comparing to a cache and converts each item (not feed) into a multi-part MIME email (HTML + plain text) and emails it to myself. The subject line begins with predefined prefixes so any mail tool can filter them into folders. The script just runs in a cron job on a Linux box at work.

I *really* like this for a number of reasons. (1) I'm always reading email anyway -- having the feeds collected on a single web page means I still have to visit that web page. And I don't want to run a separate news reader. (2) With each item as a seaparate message I can quickly delete the ones I'm not interested in. If I'm interested in a particular message, I can leave it in the mail folder for as long as I want. Interesting items don't "roll off the bottom". (3) I like to share interesting items with friends. With each news item as an email, sharing them is just a matter of forwarding the message. (4) My mail reader supports working off-line so I can catch up on news items while I'm not on the Net which is handy while traveling or hanging out in cafes.

As a bonus, I find that I spend a lot less time meandering all of the web when I should be working. This is one of those "tools" that I can't image ever giving up...

2003-06-19 09:30:09
RSS via Email
I suppose this begs the question, "Why read-only?". It would be pretty easy to write a tool that pulls emails out of an account (IMAP, POP, whatever) and dumps an RSS item into some RSS channel from the email. Hmmmm...
2003-06-19 12:37:00

been using it for 6+ months now. enough said...

2003-06-20 02:10:23
Think different
Some interesting alternatives:




2003-06-20 09:25:24
RSS via Email
What about feeding RSS data into public IMAP mailboxes and vice versa? There are some pretty good IMAP clients out there finally; now all we need are more service providers willing to serve public and shared IMAP mailboxes. Does anyone know providers who offer that? It seems like most public/shared IMAP stuff is happening at universities (just like the way the Internet was in '90-'93!).
2003-06-20 16:46:06
RSS via Email
Traditionally, setting up a public, read-only IMAP mailbox has been clunky and hard. It's been years since I've tried it, though, so things could have changed.

There's a couple of nice characteristics of news/NNTP reading as opposed to IMAP:

1. URLs for news://... are widely implemented and reasonably well understood. I'm sure there's interop issues if you go digging, and I'm sure that you can find a spec for imap://..., but news URLs are more mature.

2. Newsreaders typically store the "read" status of a message on the client, and IMAP mail readers typically store them on the server. I'm not sure if IMAP is theoretically configurable in this way, and I'm even less sure if typical IMAP mail readers would have implemented it anyway even if it's theoretically possible.


2003-06-21 11:28:00
Oddpost just added RSS reading via email with some very nice display features.

2003-06-21 21:15:53
RSS via Email
Check out BlogStreet's Info Aggregator
Its a RSS-to-IMAP service that allows you to read RSS Feeds in your favorite Mail Client like Outlook, Evolution, Mozilla Mail etc. requiring no software download and its a 2-Minute setup.
There are other tools like RSS Generator which allows you to easily generate RSS feeds of those blogs which don't have one.
2003-06-22 03:59:43
RSS via Email
This sounds great. I signed up and set up both Pine and Mulberry to access their IMAP server but so far haven't been able to access (or even see) the blogs that I subscribed to via their web-based subscription page. Any tips for setting this up? What IMAP client are you using?


2003-06-24 09:05:14
RSS via Email
In case anyone is interested, I eventually was able to see the RSS feeds in my IMAP clients. The reason that I was confused before is that I expected each feed to be in its own public IMAP mailbox and that I would be able to see all these mailboxes immediately upon subscribing to them. But the way it works is that after you subscribe, the feeds all start being delivered to your INBOX and your INBOX builds up a massive amount of intertwingled messages from all the RSS feeds that you subscribed to *starting at the time that you subscribed*. It would be useful if they explained this on!
2003-06-30 17:12:07
Watching TSS threads...

If you expose RSS for TSS threads I could watch them via e-mail using fetchrss. ;)


2003-06-30 21:06:21
Watching TSS threads...
TSS does have RSS feeds for each forum (, but do you mean that a single thread could be a RSS feed itself, with each item as a message for that thread? That would be cool ;)
2004-01-18 23:25:59
why don't you post it somewhere?
2006-05-25 09:09:02
Feedmailr is now offering a service which gateways feeds (RSS or Atom) into IMAP.
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2007-11-03 13:34:04
Yes works very well, soon it will integrated RSS to other things too.
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