RT mailgate

by Juliet Kemp

I use RT as a request/bug tracker, but until recently hadn't set it up with an email address plugged directly into it. This was because I don't run my own email server - that's centralised - which makes setup a bit more difficult. And undocumented, hence this post. Convincing users to use a different email address may well be tough, but at least you yourself can start bouncing relevant emails to the RT address, thereby creating a more trackable system.

There are 2 basic steps: 1. setting up the mail gateway to RT; 2. mail pickup from the external central server. Note that I'm using exim4 - other mail programs will obviously work differently. Details are below...


2007-08-19 13:20:41
hmm almost what we need. we are probably going to throw in a few procmail mail rules to deal with mutilple rt queues going to the same queue.
Jeffrey Bird
2007-08-20 01:59:33
Excellent idea. It never occurred to me to use fetchmail in this capacity. Will make a RT installation much easier at my site.
Juliet Kemp
2007-08-20 02:48:43
Glad it's useful for both of you!

I should note that there is a slight security problem with the fetchmail config having the rt email password in plaintext; but for me & I suspect for most people this isn't an important issue.

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