by Steve Mallett

My heart goes pitter patter.... Ezra Zygmuntowicz has begun working on Rubuntu. That's right. An Ubuntu with Ruby and Rails leanings:

I already have all the basics included as far as ruby/gems and a bunch of database bindings and ruby configured mongrel, apache and lighty. And I already have plenty of usefull ruby libs installed. What I really need is the icing on the cake. I want thsi to come setup with all the trimmings. So all you folks with killer vimrc's and emacs ruby configs please contact me.

Any little creature comforts you like or nice customization you rely on to get through you ruby work on linux would be much appreciated.

Might I suggest Ruby > 1.8.3? I'm running Ubuntu Breezy & had to compile Ruby as apt-get rudely insisted on 1.8.3. Oh, for shame!


Gregory Brown
2006-02-22 09:28:35
you can grab 1.8.4 from the dapper repos.