Ruby Cookbook Available

by Steve Mallett

Over the weekend I saw that O'Reilly's Ruby Cookbook edition has become available. I'm a big fan of the cookbook/recipies format so mine should be on the way Monday morning. Poor delivery person - it's 906 pages. Wow.


2006-12-15 06:06:08
Thanks to both of you for your comments. One of the nice thing about the Open Source community in general and Linux in particular is that there are so many cool projects out there that you can't possibly know them all :)
2006-12-19 18:37:06
Actually, it's almost always true that newly written code, at least in the short term, contains more bugs than legacy code. This is purely because the legacy code has had so much testing and so much time fixing corner cases. Rewriting the code from scratch loses a large amount of the knowledge that is gained from all that maintenance work on the legacy code and it is rarely documented accurately or completely enough to avoid the loss.