Ruby East 2007

by Gregory Brown

This year is a good year for Ruby on the east coast. We kicked things off with a bang with the Gotham Ruby Conference in April, saw the Ruby Hoedown come and go in Raleigh bringing along with it some great videos of their talks, and of course, will see the Seventh International RubyConf in Charlotte in just a couple months.

However, these aren't the only games in town. We've also got Ruby East 2007, which is a one day, multi-track, Rails friendly regional conference at the Penn State Great Valley Campus. They've managed to get an impressive list of speakers together, and even let two of those vagabonds from the Ruby Reports project sneak in to do their ranting.

If you're local to the area and don't think you'll make RubyConf this year, this is a good chance to still get your fix. If you've been tinkering with Ruport and want to shake down me or Mike, this is also a chance for that.

From what I've seen so far, these regional Ruby conferences are always a lot of fun, especially because each one takes on its own unique flavor. If you want to go to this one, you should probably register soon because the event takes place on Friday, September 28, which is right around the corner.

Hope to see you there!


amy (not hoy)
2007-09-09 17:50:04
Hi Gregory,
I am coming to ruby east, if all goes well (there's no way I can make 3 days in NC for rubyconf, so this will be, as you say, my 'fix'. hope to meet you there. Thanks, by the way, for your rspec articles; a number of people have recommended I check out rspec and I do plan to fool around with it soon, even if it does break one of my twelve steps to rails testing.
Gregory Brown
2007-09-09 22:27:35
Hi amy,

looking forward to meeting you!

Part III of the BDD article series will be out within the next week or two.