Ruby Hacking Nights

by pat eyler

Recently, there's been an outbreak of regularly scheduled hacking
nights within Ruby Brigades. As far as I know, this started a couple
of years ago with the Seattle.rb (and they're still going strong).
The general idea is that if you hold your meetings on a regular night
(say the 4th Tuesday of the month), then interested Rubyists could
gather on the same weeknight during the non-meeting weeks (so every
Tuesday except the 4th in our example) to hack on Ruby projects.


Sean Carley
2006-04-25 10:53:10
Hacking nights are great. Every chance you get to pair program is useful and you will be constantly surprised at how much you learn, even from complete newbies.
2006-04-25 12:53:40
It's also a great time for non-Rubyists to come and get familiar with Ruby, or ask questions that might seem inappropriate elsewhere.

Still others sit and check their email, but at least they are there!

2006-04-26 13:57:04
hmm, is it a suprise that the first two comments are from the stl.rb and seattle.rb?

I really think that hacking nights can be the secret ingredient that turns a decent Ruby Brigade into a great one.

Ed Howland
2006-04-26 14:09:05

I wholeheartedly agree with that. I have learned stuff much faster than reading books and online materials, and I have only attended the last 2. The WHNs are now so important to me, that I have dropped another group that I attended that conflicted with our Tuesday night times.

2007-01-22 08:33:19
I've gone to the Raleigh ruby group meeting to work on my website about apartments and townhomes near NC State.

[Ed note: This sure looks like spam to me. I've removed the URL for the (PHP based) website Vanessa mentioned.]