Ruby Manual

by Nathaniel S. H. Brown

For those that found the Ruby on Rails Manual appealing, you might also enjoy the Ruby Manual (with 1.8.4) fully documented and just released at

Ruby Manual

The most impressive features:

  • Submit comments on each of the classes, methods, and every other entity

  • Fully Searchable Documentation

  • Quick Search by adding a word after the url such as "time" on


2006-05-31 05:06:47
Has very few minor errors, maybe someone can fix them.
Example of one when trying to look at some .rb file:

'Routing Error'
'Recognition failed for "/error_docs/not_found.html'

2006-05-31 05:08:23
Wanted to add that the idea for if SURE rocks. :)

Its good to see that documentation is being
recognized as a very important aspect for any modern language.

2006-05-31 05:13:07
Hey Shev,

I am working on tracking it down. It is due to the routes being behind proxypass with Apache to Lighttpd. Should be fixed soon.


2006-05-31 06:11:51
All better now :)
Curt Hibbs
2006-05-31 09:59:08
This is nice. I especially like the ability to add comments.

I'd also like to point out another very nice site for API searches:

It includes Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and much more (HTML, JavaScript CSS, Java, Perl, PHP, DOM, etc.) Very well done.

And, of course, lets not forget about ruby-doc:


2006-05-31 10:50:40
Was there any particular reason that you decided not use the pre-existing content at and

Ryan Bates
2006-05-31 11:14:35
The last link should point to instead of
2006-05-31 12:13:13
Another site doing the same thing is , also based on RAnnotate. I love the idea but I don't like the fragmentation. I wonder if it would be worth it to add the ability to share comments among RAnnotate installations?
2006-05-31 13:34:40
RE: Ryan

Fixed, thanks for the heads up.

RE: Justin

The other site you mention was down for a month or so, and I was using it as a cornerstone of my development environment. At which time I had to launch one I knew would be reliable, and I could make sure was always up. Voila,

Sounds like a great idea to centralize the comments/notes, and I would be glad to enable others to mirror the comments from the manuals when the functionality is available.

2006-06-01 20:17:12
Hi, I'm the author of Rannotate ( the site that is running

Nathaniel, as we discussed I am willing to work with you and even to redirect the traffic from rails.outertrack/ruby.outertrack to your site. However you are not willing to give me access to the site to view logs and collect feedback to help improve Rannotate (because you have other customers on the server). I *strongly* believe that a repository of documentation like this should be community owned and managed, instead of owned and run by one person. Already you are pointing the links on the documentation site to projects that you have a hand in, and you have removed the link to Rannotate.. :(

See my blog posting at for more thoughts on this.

Sharing comments amongst rannotate installations is a good idea, but complicated to manage and to implement. It is probably better to have installations mirroring entire DBs instead, that will reduce issues. But that is further down the line once Rannotate has settled down.. I'm still working on plenty of new features and there are bugs and issues to be stomped out.

2006-06-01 20:20:25
err.. "the site that is running rubymanual" should read "the software that is running rubymanual"
Rob Sanheim
2006-06-04 08:44:38
Seems to me effort should go into improving the stability/performance of Conor's sites, so we can consolidate this. We really don't need more annotated doc sources, and Conor is the author of RAnnotate, so it makes sense that he helps lead the drive for a annotated manual.

2006-06-06 10:22:12
This is another example of Nathaniel's attempt to exploit the community for personal gain. The outer track sites are the original content and are hosted by the original author of Rannotate. Fragmentation of document annotation doesn't help anyone. There was already a service available, but Nathaniel chose to host his own so he could advertise his commercial, exploitative endeavours.

Please use instead of

2007-01-24 11:46:57
haha, that other site is down.

That Steve guy needs to stop posting here. hahaha

2007-11-13 22:11:01
Ruby manual here