Ruby Mendicant : Prawn's First Release!

by Gregory Brown

I'm happy to announce I just cut the first alpha release of Prawn. It is chock full of features, and since the release notes are fairly detailed with good links, I've just pasted them for your review after the cut.
But first, I have a few words that I couldn't quite convince myself deserved a separate post:

On a somewhat sad note, this will be my last post to O'Reilly Ruby. Things are changing a lot behind the scenes here, and there has been a lot of re-shuffling of resources. I'll still be blogging for O'Reilly but over on the News Site. However, since that blog will be a bit more 'big story' oriented, I'm going to also be starting up my own tech blog at Keep an eye out for that, but it may take me a few days to find time to write some blog software I can live with, and the page will be a ghost town until then.

So O'Reilly Ruby, So long, and thanks for all the fish. I had fun here and I hope that folks will still find my stuff over on the news site interesting.

Prawn 0.1.0 Release notes to follow...


2008-08-03 09:53:25
Congratulations! I hope, we got decent docs to go with prawn.
Gregory Brown
2008-08-03 10:44:00

The API is fully documented:

Also, over 25 feature examples:

And the source has specs, too :)

Once people start producing PDFs, I'll add a gallery to the homepage.


2008-08-03 10:59:19
After the Hartford.rb presentation last week I've been psyched for the official release. Congrats!
Gregory Brown
2008-08-03 11:02:05
Thanks Flinn. I'll put the talk up on vimeo tagged with Hartford.rb and Prawn once we sync the audio with the slides...


2008-08-05 17:50:14
Hey Greg,

Just wanted to say thanks for your posts - I've got a lot out of them. Good luck for the future!

Gregory Brown
2008-08-06 12:00:38

Thanks for the kind words.

Please re-join me at:

I'm still tweaking the engine a bit, but the blog is online and feeds are set up.