Ruby on Rails v 1.0 released!

by Kevin Bedell

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Ruby on Rails, the fastest and easiest way to develop web-based applications, has now officially reached its 1.0 release!

The website has been updated and looks great. It should help anyone looking to sell ruby on rails development internally. It prominently shows off a few showcase production apps built on Rails.

For those who don't know yet, Rails is a new platform for web application development that achieves a super level of productivity by providing an easy to use MVC framework based on Ruby. It embodies the ideas of 'simplicity of design' and 'convention over configuration'.

If you're willing to follow some default ways of designing your application (for example, defining the primary key of a database table as a column named "id"), then Rails can dramatically speed your development process.

A few of the reasons to check Rails out:

If you've been considering looking at Ruby on Rails, now's the time to get off the fence. Begin by viewing on of the videos referred to above, then download and install Rails to get a quick look at why this new development platform is taking the web development community by storm.