Ruby Project Spotlight, June '07 : Sequel

by Gregory Brown

Well, our first ever spotlighted project has been selected. For June, it's Sequel, the Concise ORM for Ruby.

Development on this project has been like wildfire for the last couple months, with releases every few weeks. Support is available for PostgresSQL, MySQL, SQLite3, and ODBC. There is also a wrapper for RubyDBI, which means that you can hook into pretty much any mainstream database if needed.

Because code often speaks louder than words, we'll take a look at Sharon's proposal which won the June spotlight.


2007-07-10 13:30:59
I liked sequel when I first encountered it a few weeks ago, maybe I should really give it a try sometime now. You should have mentioned the (relatively young?) join capabilities, though - this looks like some really powerful stuff!
2007-09-19 02:56:34
Does Omnibus really contain "other sick stuff", or is it slick? :-)
Evan Light
2007-09-28 10:14:48
Looks powerful. Handy how methods return DataSets allowing for stacking up features on a DataSet.

Curious, though, how one would perform ActiveRecord-like validation. I don't see an analogous capability, looking at the Sequel RDoc.