Ruby-doc Redesign

by James Britt

The Web site has undergone a transformation. Accolades have been pouring in for the new look, for which all credit must go Dan Ritz, one of my cohorts at 30 Second Rule.

There are still some rough edges. Ruby-doc began life as a blog-based news site that hosted the core API pages and a handful of other docs and tutorials. Over time the number of pages and resources have grown. It no longer makes sense to try to track and announce every new Ruby resource; the Web is awash in them. Instead, the focus needs to shift to making available a robust set of documents and tutorials, and helping people find the information they need to make the most of Ruby.

The growth of the site was somewhat haphazard, making the upgrade more of problem than it really should have been. There may still be some broken or misdirected links, so please bear with me, but feel free to drop me a line (jbritt AT ruby-doc DOT org ) if you find something amiss.

To alleviate such problems in the future, I've changed the site to run under Ruby's wonderful Nitro Web framework, which I encourage others to investigate. Nitro greatly eases the development and maintenance of dynamic Web sites.

And I want to repeat my thanks to those people taking the time and trouble to write Ruby documentation. You folks are life-savers.


2006-01-31 08:29:47
It looks great, guys. It's hard to make documentation exciting, but you've done it!

So is ruby-lang next? Why mentioned something last summer, but it appears to be in-process.

James Britt
2006-02-05 22:26:33
So is ruby-lang next? Why mentioned something last summer, but it appears to be in-process.

30 Second Rule is not involved with the ruby-lang redesign effort; last I heard (on ruby-talk a a week or so ago), the project was still alive, but suffering the same problems many such volunteer efforts face. Believe me, I had been gearing up for the ruby-doc redesign for quite some time; patience is essential.