RubyForge vs RAA

by Daniel Berger

This is a short followup to my last post where I compared library RubyForge statistics against CPAN. This week I compare RubyForge against...the Ruby Application Archive!

Yes, I know, the RAA is just a listing service and RubyForge is not. That's not the point. Please read on.


2007-09-26 18:05:20
Good post. I think the impression in English-speaking circles is that RAA is pretty much dead, but this is far from the case.
Gregory Brown
2007-09-26 22:33:05
Dan, we should donate our WWW::RAA code to someone who'd be willing to hack a PHP version for GForge. I've got an implementation laying around that just uses Net::HTTP, no mechanize.

So while the PHP folks are over here because of Derek's post, please consider helping us by hacking on GForge and giving us a RubyForge2Raa hook for releases.

Martin Sadler
2007-09-27 03:09:16
Good post and tip about searching both the RAA and RubyForge sites.

+1 for auto-linking them together

2007-09-27 05:01:59
It would be nice if the gems could be published on RAA too.
2007-09-27 08:39:30
the forge should be rewritten in ruby. I see a bunch of practical reasons for this besides the not-irrelevant pride issue. like most sites, it could benefit a lot from some sexier style and better ajax. the navigation is also kind of confusing and the forums are far too lonely. with so much wisdom in this community I'm sure we could build a lot of useful (if not revolutionary) development resources into this site. let's call it an open source rails app - let the speccing begin.

2007-10-06 20:29:22
"3 A few are dead. I didn’t test all the homepage links."

I actually think that there is significantly more than "a few" of these dead.
Sadly :(

At least on RAA (this was my perception, which may be flawed)

John Joyce
2007-11-04 00:27:06
Yeah, there are some dead links on RAA, and unresponsive authors of apparently abandoned projects, but RubyForge is full of abandoned/orphaned projects. ( I have a few myself )

One major distinction I see is that RAA is not so full of Rails stuff as is RubyForge. In fact, RAA seems to have a lot of interesting little bits from Ruby's days as a hobbyist's language in Japan. Some of the code there posted ages ago from Japan is really well written stuff. You might have trouble reading the comments if you can't read Japanese, but the code is pretty nice.

Daniel Berger
2008-03-12 18:30:03

I vote for replacing it with Redmine: