RubyQuestions for the RubyQuiz Master.

by pat eyler

I've admired James Gray for quite a while now and finally sat down to interview him by email. Most of us know him from the weekly RubyQuiz and the Pragmatic Programmers 'Best of RubyQuiz' book, but he's made a lot more contributions to the Ruby community than just those. James always seems to have an answer to questions on ruby-talk (even the simplest), and his blog is a great read if you want to learn more about Ruby. Read on to learn a bit more about James and his place in the Ruby world.


2006-06-13 06:32:32
FYI, the link to the RubyQuiz site in the article is incorrect. It's actually at Great interview though, very interesting!

2006-06-13 07:05:21
Wow, the new Ruby website looks great!

By the way, the RubyQuiz link is broken. I believe it's .com, not .org.

2006-06-13 07:32:49
*sigh* yes, you're right. I've fixed the link now.

2006-06-13 07:40:32
whoops, i guess i should always refresh the site before posting a comment.

~same anonymous as before

2006-06-13 08:40:47
Thanks for the great interview. As a ruby noob it's always interesting to read what more experienced users are doing/creating.
Tim Morgan
2006-06-14 20:18:34
Great interview, Pat and James. Thanks for putting this together.