Ruport goes RC1

by Gregory Brown

UPDATE: RC3 is out as of 2007.05.08, see release notes for details

Although I do copiously mention Ruport as a sick obsession of mine, I try not to use this blog to directly promote the project.

However, I think that I have some news-worthy info to share about the project, or at least something really exciting to me: We just put out our first 1.0 release candidate!

This is a rough RC, we expect quite a few changes before things finally gel. We also are farther behind on documentation then we want to be, but the functionality is getting quite good and after a 2.5 month hiding period, we're excited to open the code back up to a whole lot more eyes.

If you've seen Ruport in the past, you may have been disappointed with our lack of grouping support, or the absense of the ability to render data by row rather than all at once. Or maybe you didn't want to figure out how to deal with our rails plugin to use ActiveRecord in a camping project, or standalone. You might have also found our formatting system too brittle or our PDF support too weak.

Those things have changed. Come tell us what you think :)

Some links:

That should be enough shameless self promotion for now, but in all honesty, the overall improvements to Ruport have come through the support of our users, contributors and developers.

Also, Mike Milner is now churning about at much code as I am, and you can thank him for the revamp of our ActiveRecord support, which has finally made it's way back into Ruport's gem.

Looking forward to any and all feedback. If you're on Freenode, you can usually catch up with us in #ruport, if you want to just chat informally.