Safari vs. Camino

by Harold Martin

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The new "great debate" among Mac users is indeed Safari vs. Camino. Most (if not all) power users were using either Chimera or Mozilla before Safari came along, but now that Apple has released it's own browser the choice isn't clear. Giles Turnbull covered both them in his recent article, but I have a few things to add to what was said.

Tabs are a very important part of any browser to many users: Safari does have tabs unofficially, and no doubt will in it's next official release. The tabs in Safari v67 are better than Camino's for several reasons:

They align to the left side of the window

They have their own close tab "x"

They don't overflow in a new window

They have their own network busy indicators

Points for Safari: I don't think Safari's lack of Tab Groups is likely to hurt it much, since most of us who need to check that many pages at once will use an RSS feeder of some sort. I also don't think Camino's on-the-fly text encoding altering is likely to attract anyone to it much.
For Camino: Camino does indeed start up faster than Chimera. Camino also gets points for the ability to remember web form passwords.

That said the race is almost neck-in-neck. Aluminum vs. Aqua isn't an issue, since both browsers can use either. The bookmarks managers are quite different, so that may factor into some decisions. For now, I'm using Safari v67. If it was a choice between Safari v60 and Camino, I'd choose Camino.

So what browser do you use? And why?


2003-03-29 19:02:39
The problem is...
The problem with Safari is that its not done. It has trouble rendering some web pages. And it seems slow to render pages. Camino is faster and will render the pages properly. As a web developer, I need to have a browser that will corectly render pages. There are also small things about Safari that bug me. Other than that, I really hope Safari gets finished soon and that the feature set is up there with Camino and even Mozilla. I have a list of things that I would like to see in Safari at
2003-03-30 04:15:07
Safari does have 'tab groups' least, if that means what I think it means. Make a bookmark folder, on the bookmarks bar. Drag a whole load of bookmarks into it. Flick back to browse mode and right-click (ctrl+click) on the bookmark folder. You'll see 'Open in Tabs' in the resulting menu, which opens a tab set, one tab per bookmark.

I think this started in Safari v64 (which I'm using now). I presume it's in v67.

Harold Martin
2003-03-30 19:54:21
Safari does have 'tab groups'
You're most correct, I missed this. I really wouldn't say it's complete, though, until you can open any folder, not just book mark bar folders.
2003-03-30 20:24:57
keywords searching
keyword bookmarks and searching are a couple of the best features in Camino or any browser iI have used thus far. Until safari does this, it won't rest long in my dock.
2003-04-01 12:15:36
keywords searching
Amen to that! The ability to type just 'php mysql_query' in the location bar and have it generate a search for PHP functions from their Web site documentation, or type 'vt Safari' to bring up the Safari page in VersionTracker is brilliant!

Neck to neck indeed.

2003-04-01 12:31:54
Safari does have 'tab groups'
You *almost* can do this. I created a bookmark folder in the bookmarks organizer, in the left-hand pane. Option-, command-, control-click, nothing happens. I created a folder *inside* that folder, in the right-hand pane. Lo and behold, it works just like the Bookmark Bar folders: put some bookmarks in this subfolder, control-click on it, choose "Open in Tabs" from the context menu.

Caveat: I am using Safari v67.

2003-04-04 19:14:46
php in camino
some php functions which work in camino do not work in camino. it's interesting where a server based technology works in camino, ie, and moz but not in safari. go figure.
2003-04-06 09:39:58
Safari does have 'tab groups'
Where can I get a download of Safari v64?
Thanks in advance.
2003-04-14 14:55:47
Safari Beta 2 has tabs
Woohoo! Check your Software update; Safari Beta 2 has tabs and autofill!
2003-08-02 00:13:59
Safari wins
Camino is not done. It has problematic multilingual support.

For anyone working in a chinese environment, it is clear tha safari works and camino does not.