Safe Memory Card Practices

by Derrick Story

It's funny that whenever I get my head too far in the clouds with what's happening now in technology, such as with the iPod video, a segment of my reader mail brings me back to the basics. I've been reading a lot of notes lately asking about lenses, ISO settings, memory card management, and things like that.

So, on The Digital Story site I've begun running a series of posts about photo basics. You can review past tips by going to the "Jump To" menu in the upper right corner and selecting "Photography."

I'm mentioning today's tip here because it's a question that I get often: "What do I do with my memory card after I've uploaded my pictures?" Generally speaking, I recommend that you use the "Erase All" function on your camera instead of "Format." If you want to know more about this, read today's post, Memory Cards: Erase, Don't Format.