Sal Soghoian Knows AppleScript

by Derrick Story

I had every intention of checking out all the tutorials this morning at the Mac OS X Conference, that is, until I stopped for "just a minute" in Sal Soghoian's AppleScript class.

After a few minutes I understood more AppleScript than I had after years of fumbling with it on my own. This is why I love these events.

Next thing I knew, it was lunch time, and I had missed the other two stops that I was going to make. Ah, such is the serendipity that is conferences.


2002-10-01 17:07:06
More please
Tantalizing but not really informative. WHY? What did he show you?
2002-10-02 06:47:20
Was this a "I have to write something even though I have nothing to say". Kind of a pointless..., I'd say article but this doesn't even qualify as that.
2002-10-02 22:14:54
Er, ah, guys...this is a *weblog*....
...not an article. Though I would be interested in knowing what Sal illustrated--perhaps in an upcoming article?
2006-05-19 22:06:08
When is his book coming out??????!!!!!!