Sam Ramji Interviews John Lam: Inventor of RubyCLR

by Todd Ogasawara

Ruby logo from Ruby has become one of my favorite programming languages over the past couple of years. And, maybe I'm in the minority but I use Ruby itself. I haven' t done any Ruby on Rails development (yet). I haven't used RubyCLR yet (all my little Ruby system applets have been written for Linux boxes), I've been following it with quite a lot of interest.

Microsoft Linux Labs Director Sam Ramji interviewed RubyCLR's creator, John Lam back in August 2006 before John announced (in October 2006) that he was going to work for Microsoft.. You can find their 17.5 minute video interview and a demo of RubyCLR and an Avalon Ruby Editor (Avalon == Windows Presentation Foundation in Vista-speak. I.e., it is part of .net Framework 3.0). Note that RubyCLR itself just needs .net Framework 2.0. You can find and download this video interview from Microsoft's Port25 site at:

John Lam and Sam Ramji discuss RubyCLR, Avalon Ruby Editor and Open Source Funding

Note, if you'd like more information about Microsoft's CLR, you can find an MSDN overview article on the topic at...

Common Language Runtime Overview
...and its MSDN web home at...

The Common Language Runtime

There are a couple of other .net related Ruby projects that I plan to take a look at and discuss here in the future.