Samsung Smell-O-Phone?

by Bruce Stewart

samsung.jpgIn the "very questionable" news category we have Mobiledia reporting that Samsung has applied for a patent for a mobile phone with a perfume spraying apparatus. The perfume spraying cell phone is designed to release "smell tones" when incoming calls are received or certain buttons are pressed. It uses a pressurized heating chamber to store the scents and an ultrasonic controller to trigger the release of the perfume into the air. If they hadn't included a link to the patent application at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office I don't think I would have believed it.

But even the author of the patent application seems less-than-enthusiastic on the concept. From the Mobiledia article:

However practicality may hinder its integration and eventual product release. The spray unit adds considerable bulk, contrary to slimmer and smaller market trends. "It may be difficult to embed a perfume spraying apparatus in a small and lightweight mobile phone," the application states. And more fundamentally, "the perfume may stain the mobile phone or the user's clothes."


2007-02-18 16:58:16
That is stupid
2007-02-18 17:01:26
this phone is a unconvetional method to answer phones. How are you to distingish between your smell (bo) and your phone smell.