San Francisco's UPN affiliate is now remapping their digital channel

by Matthew Gast

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In my article a month ago, I wrote that one of my problems with my digital TV/TiVo combination setup was that KBHK, the San Francisco UPN affiliate, was not remapping their digital channel to the analog channel. When I tuned to channel 44, I got their analog broadcast. The digital broadcast was carried on channel 45 and the number was not remapped.

I sent an e-mail to them, pointing out that it was much more convenient for the public to have only one channel number, and received a response that afternoon. This morning, I was working on the configuration of my set-top box, and I noticed that remapping had been enabled. When tune to channel 44, the set-top box displays digital channel 44-1. I now have a clear ghost-free picture from UPN!