Santa Helps the Mac Software Community

by Bruce Stewart

In the latest innovative move by Mac software developers to pool their resources and help promote their products, the MacSanta holiday discount campaign has been launched. By simply using the discount code "MACSANTA" before December 25 on a variety of different Mac software sites, customers can save 20% off the list price on some of the most popular and respected Mac applications.

It may not quite be the Mac Shareware Store that Oliver Breidenbach is calling for, but with participants like BareBones Software (BBEdit) and Rogue Amoeba (Audio Hijack Pro), you can definitely get some deals on some great Mac software. If you want to see a list of the companies participating, join the campaign with your own products, or read a silly Mac holiday poem,
visit the MacSanta site.


2006-12-18 10:58:22
Oh my, that is great!
I wanted to by FlexTime, Tangerine, EagleFiler, SpamSieve and Airfoil before Christmas. Thanks for this!
Oliver Breidenbach
2006-12-18 14:22:03
It may not quite be the Mac Shareware Store.

No, but it is a good idea. Why did I not know about this? ;-)