SAP's Composition on Grails

by chromatic

I was in Silicon Valley last week, and caught part of a demo of Composition on Grails. This is a project within SAP built on top of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.

I decided to change my plans, and had lunch with Will Gardella and his team. (Will gave the demo, and his team is building Composition on Grails within SAP.)

I'd never considered SAP or its business very interesting, because I misunderstood what SAP actually does. Though I very happily left the world of the Enterprise (twice, first as a system adminstrator and then as a consultant who wrote and maintained business software), and though SAP's choice of technologies (ABAP, Java, WSDL, WS-*, shared-everything) are different from my preferences, it took just a few minutes for Will's demo to convince me that I had overlooked something very interesting.


2007-12-11 09:53:49
Obviously this isn't your fault, but I find it mildly irritating that a Groovy/Grails-based technology uses "Rails" in its title.
2007-12-11 10:06:31
@Reedo, that confused me for a bit too. I keep wanting to call it "Composition on Grails".
Sava Chankov
2007-12-12 09:20:13
“If I needed a small application to correlate book sales by language with regions of North America, I could write it in a couple of afternoons without begging our IT department to prioritize or schedule or spec it.”

Well, if you could export the needed data into say CSV format, you could use statistical functions in your spreadsheet software to do the job. I find it shameful that programmers are still needed for such trivial computational tasks; were the users given tools powerful enough, they'd be able to do much more in much less time. As I really believe in "power to the end-users", currently I'm creating a graphical interface that enables them to tinker with the data in a relational database no harder than creating a pivot table.

Will Gardella
2007-12-13 10:15:16
You're right- the name is confusing. In any case, I just got a polite note from DHH asking us to change it, so look for a new project name in the next few days.