Saving the Net

by Jason Deraleau

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The editor of LinuxJournal, Doc Searls, has a very interesting article about how regulation in the telecommunications and broadcast industries is leaking its way into the Internet.

"The Net's end-to-end nature is so severely anathema to cable and telco companies that they have done everything they can to make the Net as controlled and asymmetrical as possible. They want the Net to be more like television, and to a significant degree, they've succeeded. Most DSL and cable broadband customers take it for granted that downstream speeds are faster than upstream speeds, that they can't operate servers out of their houses and that the only e-mail addresses they can use are ones that end with the name of their telephone or cable company."

Just a side gripe about that last piece. Why are we still using well-known ports for everything? Why can't we move to DNS SRV records? I know it might require some serious rewrites, but isn't it better for the overall Internet? It would definitely make it easier to host a server off a cable modem.

Do you fear for the Net's future? Why?