Saxon 8.9 Now Available

by M. David Peterson

via the front page of, we learn,

Saxon 8.9 is now available.

The most exciting feature of this release is that XQuery queries can now be translated directly into Java source code, reducing execution time by anything from 25% to 80%. This facility is available exclusively in Saxon-SA.

The release is the first since the W3C specifications for XQuery 1.0, XSLT 2.0, and XPath 1.0 reached Recommendation status, and this is marked by an emphasis in this Saxon release on conformance. Saxon is the only product to have achieved 100% pass rates against the W3C test suites for XSLT and XQuery, and the new release also brings the level of XML Schema conformance close to 100% as measured by the recently issued W3C test suite.

Saxon-SA 8.9 can be downloaded from here. Users with licenses issued after 12 February 2006 can upgrade at no cost; those with earlier licenses can purchase an upgrade.

I had a bit of a heads up that the above announcement would be taking place soon, but haven't had the time to play with the new release as of yet. Being the Saxon-Geek that I am, as you can imagine, I'm geeking-out *BIG-TIME* at the moment. I also have a list of priority items that I must attend to before I can indulge, so for now, the above announcement is all the information I can provide.

When that changes (I'm keenly interested to see how well the compiled Java-byte codes translate to MSIL via IKVM.NET!) I will let you all know.

In the mean time, go get it! (and let me know what you find out if you have a moment :D)

Thanks, Dr. Kay!


Devon Young
2007-02-12 20:45:48
I love Saxon. I doubt that XSLT 2.0 would be a spec already if not for Saxon's support of it's features throughout the drafts and CR's for the past few years.
M. David Peterson
2007-02-12 20:54:18

Agreed. I believe we XML Geeks of the world are deeply indebted to Dr. Kay for *MANY* years to come for all he has done to bring XSLT 2.0 and Saxon into this world.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

2007-02-22 05:27:24
Eto horosho !