Say hello to Scrivener

by Giles Turnbull

Scrivener is an new (to me) writing application that is now in late stages of beta. I’ve been playing around with it recently and I like what I see.

It’s one of those apps, like Jer’s Novel Writer and Notae, that’s been created by someone who’s explored what else is available and found nothing that suited them.


2007-01-04 19:58:29
I've been using Scrivener betas for the last few months and it helped me immensely in writing a dozen or so heavily researched feature stories for various magazines and newspapers. I've tried most of the major writing and note-taking apps, and have concluded that, for journalists, there's nothing even close to it. It has all the features you need to organize research and write stories, and just as important, hardly anything you don't need. The bloat of Word and other apps in this space gets in the way of writing. Scrivener's well thought out interface does everything just the way an experienced Mac user would expect; I've not even read the FAQ or manual yet Scrivener has helped me write several stories for major national publications. Keith's own background -- he's a novelist who made Scrivener because he wanted a tool to help him write novels -- and his commendably open (and open minded) beta testing process have allowed working writers (academics, journalists, fiction writers) to make key contributions to the interface and features. I'll be buying it on the day it's out of beta.