Say hi to CamiTools

by Giles Turnbull

I've raved about the wonders of the Camino browser many times before, but one comment I've heard from many people is that while they love its Cocoa simplicity and stability, they wish they could tweak just a few more settings to get a few more of the extras they can get on Camino's cousin, Firefox.

This is where a set of free add-ons called CamiTools comes in handy.

The tools are a series of prefpanes that are added to ~/Library/Application Support/Camino/PreferencePanes, so that they show up the next time you open Camino's preferences panel. They each do something different.

Some of the extras include a Flash blocker, an images blocker, a toolbar search editor, and an appearance changer (Aqua, Unified or (ugh) Brushed Metal). CamiOptions lets you control use of icons in your bookmarks, change the way Camino identifies itself to web sites (agent spoofing), among other things.

The only downside with using the CamiTools collection is that if you want to make use of all of them, you have a series of six files to download and install separately. Although to be honest, it's not much more hassle than installing six Firefox extensions or Greasemonkey scripts.

So if Camino appeals to you, but Firefox's tweakability appeals more, CamiTools might be just the thing to help you make a fairer side-by-side comparison.

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2005-11-16 16:24:33
Yeah. I've been using these for quite some time. Now with new version of CamiFlash, things are back to normal.

These are great additions to the power-user's browser of choice.

2005-11-16 16:37:46
i tried these before
and they wouldn't install. They did make a folder called "Applications" in my ~/Library before dying, so I have a suspicion about why it's screwing up, but it's still annoying.
2005-11-16 16:40:38
i tried these before
Yep, it's still broken. On my screen it says "usage: cp …" etc. They must be trying to copy to ~/Library/Application Support but not escaping the space.
2005-11-17 07:44:23
Until there is something like the developer toolbar I won't switch, even if I'd like to.
2005-11-18 10:34:43
i tried these before
did you install it directly from the disk image? otherwise simply place the pref pane directly in ~/Library/Application Support/Camino/PreferencePanes

create the folder if it doesn't exist. now open Camino - et voilà.

2005-11-26 10:00:46
one download
Hi Giles,
the CamiTools 2 are one download package and one installation now.
2005-11-26 11:39:31
one download
Great news - thanks for letting us know.