SC07 Cluster Challenge - getting ready

by Brent Gorda

The Cluster Challenge at SC07 is in the preparation phase, with all 6 teams and their hardware on site in Reno Nevada. In a little over a day, the teams will begin a 44 hour computational competition (called the SC07 Cluster Challenge).

We have 4 teams from the US: Purdue, Indiana, University of Colorado, and Stony Brook
The University of Alberta from Canada is here, as well as the National Tsing Hua University from Taiwan.

Yesterday all the teams made it to the convention center and found their equipment. The energy of the students is huge at this point, and it is creating a level of excitement that is bound to grow throughout the week. The committee is rushing to complete last minute items and ensure preparation.

Stay tuned...


Paul Lu
2007-11-11 22:05:58
Greetings from Team University of Alberta.

We're excited to be here in Reno and participating in the first Cluster Challenge.
The full team of Paul Greidanus, Gordon Klok, Chris Kuethe, Andrew Nisbet,
Antoine Filion, and Stephen Portillo are working hard on getting our SGI Altix XE 310 cluster up and running. I am the faculty team leader, ably helped by co-coaches Bob Beck and Cam Macdonell.

Our thanks to SGI, and Dan St-Germain, for the hardware and being our vendor partner.

If you are curious, the SGI Altix cluster has at 2 Quad core, 2.66 GHz Intel Xeons per node, with up to 8 nodes to be in use during the competition. There are at least 16 GB of RAM per node and the whole things has Infiniband. We're using the OSCAR system on top of Scientific Linux.

Paul Lu, Associate Professor