Scheduling perl scripts outside of cron

by Chris Josephes

Writing perl scripts that are better suited for scheduled tasks.


Josh More
2006-08-27 12:04:44
I use supervise to do this
sort of work. Since we run qmail, we are used to these tools, and modifying
the setup to be a cron replacement works remarkably well.

When I have a job running under supervise, it never dies and there is only
ever one version of it running.

It's not ideal for all jobs, but it is worth looking at before you go too far down the re-implementation road.

2006-11-09 22:58:54
how to automate backup scheduler under windows. i can able to create task for backup,but i want the backup wizard to run automatically through perl code. help me?
2007-01-16 04:45:13

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